JZ on Radio

So many times the phone would ring at her home and it would be a radio personality JZ was friendly with, asking her if she could do a last minute fill-in on his show. Each time she would get dressed and head downtown from her house in the suburbs.

Her popularity as a guest on various established radio shows great to the point that she won her own show. She fell in love with radio. In person JZ has a bubbly and charismatic character her distinctive voice carried those qualities to the airways. She interviewed important metaphysical authors, and other famous psychics. But mostly she read people. Anyone could call for free and be assured of an accurate answer to one question. Her audience loved it. As soon as she signaled the lines to be opened, the switchboard lit up like a Christmas tree.

Take a listen to an ad for her talk show and a sample of an online reading:

Reading from CKGM radio show

Guests loved visiting JZ on radio, as attested to by the following letters of thanks from author Dorothy Newey and Irene Hughes. Click on the thumbnail to read the full sized letters.

The casualness and the immediacy of connecting with a wide audience base has made radio JZ’s true love. Don’t be surprised to hear her on her own show again, on a station near you.

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